Elsa Riley


A Guide for the Uninitiated

June 13th, 2021

Your first time. Except this time, it is with a professional. Call it a girlfriend-for-hire, a companion, an escort, a depraved and incorrigible pervert; because someone with no scruples cannot sincerely be called interesting or honest for that matter (at least not in my book!). Perhaps you are a bundle of nerves, excitement mixed with a bunch of what-ifs and what-nots. Rest assured: she feels the same. A rush of adrenaline when you ring her doorbell, and she takes a last look in the mirror before she opens the door, just for you. A beaming smile, an offer to take your coat, and and offer -- perhaps a glass of wine? -- just for you. A few glasses of wine later and having told your respective life stories, you kiss. It feels unrushed and natural. A warm and delicate hand wraps around yours as she leads you to the bedroom... To exist as two human beings in an intimate space should be a cherished experience you can look back on with fondness, much like the one above. Perhaps it takes you a few tries before you meet an escort you click with: this is normal, and perfectly alright. The more research you do, the better. The beauty of an escort-client relationship is that you can stop the ride at any time you want to get off (pun very much intended). Some clients are married, and wish to release sexual tension without having an affair. Others find that traditional relationships are too time-consuming, or simply not a good fit. Whatever the reason, an escort is there both physically and emotionally. It is not our place to judge. If you are new to this world and struggle with what you might consider a moral grey area, I understand how you feel. Perhaps you wonder why someone would choose to escort? Many people find it difficult to imagine what it is like working as an escort. A common misconception is that escorts are addicted to substances, or that they grew up in poor conditions. Just like any other profession, there are those who use substances and had less-than ideal childhoods. But the reality is that many choose to escort because they have a specific set of skills that allows them to become very successful. Namely, entrepreneurship, beauty, intelligence, a sociable personality, a high sex drive. Escorting allows you to meet with incredibly accomplished people from all walks of life: CEOs, entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, businessmen (and businesswomen), and so on. You can work as much or as little as you want, and run other businesses on the side. You choose your own hours, and decide whom you want to meet with. On top of that, getting to exchange ideas with some of the brightest people on the planet and being able to enjoy some seriously great sex, all whilst getting paid is... unreal. I find the entire process, from receiving an email to finally setting up a date, positively exhilirating. Not struggling with morality concerning escorting, but your own feelings of self-imposed morals, such as feeling unworthy or wrong for wanting affection? Then try to remember this: touch, intimacy, and connection are natural to desire. There is nothing shameful about these feelings. On the contrary, they make us human. Clearly, you value these qualities high enough to seek out someone who is an expert at them. I applaud you for having the courage to do so. Whether your journey begins here with me or another escort is of little importance. In my experience, the most important thing in life is to take your first step. Because to live a life deprived of the single most rewarding thing that you can experience as a human being -- to feel seen, wanted, and listened to by someone without judgement -- is a life not fully lived.   Love,   Elsa


How to Find, Contact, and Meet an Escort

January 23rd, 2021

The following article is meant as a guide for how to find, contact, and meet an escort. It covers some of the most popular escort directories, how to find an escort, what screening information is, and how to contact an escort. This guide is primarily aimed at those seeking the services of independent female escorts. Contents How do I find an escort? Why should I avoid Eros? What should I think about when looking for an escort? How far in advance should I arrange a date? How do I contact an escort? What is screening information? Why do I need to verify who I am? What types of screening methods are there? How do I choose which screening method is best for me? Do I need to send a selfie? What about blackmail? What should I think about when looking for an escort? What if police are posing as an escort? How long should I book for? What should I do before the meeting? What should I do during the meeting? What should I do after the meeting? How can I prepare for a second meeting?   How do I find an escort? The best way to find an escort is to search for “escort in X”, with X being the city you want to meet said escort in. This being said, there are a number of escort directories that are useful worldwide. The below websites will be among the first search results regardless of what search engine (Google, Duck Duck Go etc) or location (London, New York City, Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore etc) you are using. Duck Duck Go is my favorite search engine because it is entirely anonymous. It is the default ‘Google’ of the internet browser TOR, and is part of what’s called the Dark Web. Unfortunately, some websites such as Tryst does not allow TOR to access it.   Tryst Tryst was started by sex workers (escorts) and is based in Australia. It quickly became one of the most popular escort directories thanks to its beautiful design and easy-to-navigate interface. It is among the first results when your search for escorts, regardless of location. Scarlet Blue Scarlet Blue is another Australian advertising platform. It is especially popular in Australia and Asia, particularly Singapore and Hong Kong. Kinky London Escorts Kinky London Escorts, or KLE, is a niche website featuring escorts in the UK. Here you will find anything from submissives, dominatrixes, and switches. Preferred 411 Preferred 411, or P411, is a Canadian website which goes way back. It revolutionized the escort world allowing escorts to “Okay” clients, which was meant to work as a reference. Unfortunately, this reference system is not faultless due to some clients allowing their friends to use their profiles in lieu of traditional screening methods. Slixa Slixa gets a bad reputation, but given Eros’ demise (see below for more information), it has become one of the better websites to find independent escorts on. It typically works best on the West Coast (USA), but is slowly gaining ground in Europe and beyond. Personally, I am pleased to see its SEO has improved significantly compared to a few years ago. Art of Submission Art of Submission is similar to KLE in that if features escorts providing fetish and BDSM services. It is particularly popular in New York City. Euro Girls Escort Euro Girls Escort is, as its name implies, a website aimed at escorts advertising in Europe. However, it also has great SEO in Asia. Massage Republic Massage Republic has been around for years, and is popular with escorts (both native and foreign) working in Asia. It has to a certain extent replaced backpage, although it is much more visually pleasing.   Why should I avoid Eros? The headquarters of Eros was raided a few years ago by the Home Office. The website now operates under law enforcement’s watchful eye. Since then, almost all escorts no longer use Eros. This is also because: 1) The customer service is non-existent 2) Eros systematically ban escorts for no reason 3) Eros steal escorts’ advertising money without refunding them. Makes you feel nauseous? Imagine losing thousands of dollars in prepaid advertising costs!   What should I think about when looking for an escort? First, make sure you know what you’re looking for. If you are into the Girlfriend Experience (GFE), focus on those who specifically offer it. If you like more naughty things, like the Pornstar Experience (PSE), there are those who offer that, too. Sometimes an escort may choose to advertise BDSM services on specific platforms, rather than explicitly offering it on her own website. I do this on Kinky London Escorts, because I find it helpful to keep my brand more "vanilla". Having a whole section on BDSM on my website may give off the impression that I mainly offer such services, when the opposite is true.   How far in advance should I arrange a date? How long is a piece of string? Depending on the escort, you can arrange a date months in advance, sometimes even up to a year. The latter is especially true for travel dates. As a general rule, reaching out two weeks before your date should be enough for them to verify your screening information and sort out any details.   How do I contact an escort? Yay! You have found an escort ad which you connected with, and you want to meet her. Now what do you do? First of all, head to her website. She is likely to have some kind of protocol for how to get in touch with her, and what kind of information you will be required to provide. If in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, or Singapore, you will probably come across the term ‘screening information’. This is an incredibly important procedure you must follow, or else you will have little to no chance of ever meeting with her. Wondering what to write in your introduction email? No worries, I've got you covered! What not to write: Hi bby, are you available tonight? Hello, can I meet you now? Hi there, do you do [sexual acronym]? + any email which is more than 800 words. This is an introductory email, not a class assignment! What to write: Hello [escort name], My name is John Doe, and I'm a 45-year-old American in town between 8-15th January. If you are available, I would love to meet with you on the 10th for dinner date and then return to my hotel. I would prefer if we could meet for 5 hours, between 7pm to 12am. I will be staying at [hotel name]. I have attached my photo ID, but please let me know if you want any more information. I look forward to hearing from you, John   Hello [escort name], My name is John Doe, and I'm a 45-year-old American in town between 8-15th January. If you are available, I would love to meet with you on the 10th for dinner date and then return to my hotel. I would prefer if we could meet for 5 hours, between 7pm to 12am. I will be staying at [hotel name]. References: escort name 1 escort1website.com [email protected] escort name 2 escort2website.com [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you, John By providing screening information and when + where + for how long you want to meet in your very first email, you will have made it much easier for the both of you to meet. It shows her you are serious about meeting and therefore a good prospective client. I can assure you that no escort or personal assistant is fond of endless back-and-forth emails, as they rarely lead to a booking. What is screening information? Simply put, screening information is information that verifies you are who you say you are. This might feel intimidating if it's your first time meeting an escort, but most professional escorts will require some sort of information before agreeing to meet with you. Although everyone have different routines, it is often a red flag if an escort doesn't require any information whatsoever. For example: do they not care for their safety? Are they working because they truly want to? Is there anyone behind the scenes jeopardizing their health and safety?   Why do I need to verify who I am? Because some people try to meet with escorts under the guise of being a client when they have malicious intent. Others wish to waste escorts' time by engaging in endless back-and-forth emails, which never lead to a booking. Requiring information helps escorts weed out who is a client, and who is pretending to be one. In countries where escorting is policed, this also reduces the risk of getting in trouble with the law.   What types of screening methods are there? Typically, an escort will require one of the following:   ID check Your full name, along with a copy of a government-issued ID which is still valid. The ID copy must be clear, and no information should be obstructed or concealed.   Employment details Your full name, an email sent from your official work email, and your LinkedIn profile.   References References from two reputable escorts you have seen in the past 6 months. Include their websites, email addresses, and the approximate date that you met. The escort you want to meet will then reach out to your references to confirm that you’ve actually met.   How do I choose which screening method is best for me? If you regularly meet with escorts, references may be the best option. However, some escorts no longer accept references. This is due to incidents where clients who had good references later became abusive towards another escort. As an independent escort, my own preference is ID check or employment details. I simply feel most comfortable meeting with someone who has fully verified themselves. A common concern among clients is the fear of being “found out” should they give out personal information. This is particularly true for celebrity clientele and high net-worth individuals. That is why I offer my own option of screening ‘Leave No Trace’. This involves a meeting between my assistant Olivia, and a representative of your choice. Your representative must bring along a valid form of ID which belongs to you. The benefit of this method is that there is no digital trace of our communications linking you to my official escort email address. Plausible deniability is a very powerful tool when used right.   Do I need to send a selfie? The only time you may be required to send a selfie is if an escort prefers to have the ID check done with you holding your passport up next to your face. Otherwise, there is no need at all to send a selfie of yourself (unless you really want to!). Please keep in mind that "spicy" selfies are not appreciated. This is because they give off the impression that you aren’t serious about meeting.   What about blackmail? Any serious escort with her own website, multiple online advertisements, and a social media presence is extremely unlikely to blackmail you. Why? Because it is simply not worth it. There is little to no money in it in the long run, not to mention it is illegal. An escort is much happier and more financially well-off having you as a client than she is resorting to petty crime. I implore you to do your research before contacting an escort in order to make sure she is legit.   What if police are posing as an escort? In most countries (bar the US and Singapore), this is known as incitement and is illegal. If in the US, sting operations happen, although police are known for posting one-off ads rather than committing to creating a website, multiple ads, and social media for a specific persona. However, any US escort will refuse to discuss particular activities in exchange for money, and her donation will always be left somewhere in the room in an unsealed envelope. If you come across an escort in the US willing to discuss X for Y, then I suggest you steer clear: chances are she may be law enforcement.   How long should I book for? If it is your first time meeting an escort, book 3 hours at the minimum. This will give you enough time to let go of any nervousness during the first hour, rather than rushing through the experience. If you're more experienced, anything from 2-5 hours is perfect when meeting a new escort.   What should I do before the meeting? Have the appropriate amount of cash with you (unless otherwise agreed). If you end up getting on really well with the escort you’re meeting with, you may want to extend. Make sure you bring extra cash with you if this ends up happening. Many, but not all, escorts accept electronic transfers to their business account. Yes, we pay taxes, too!  With regards to hygiene: always be freshly showered, with trimmed nails, and arrive with brushed and flossed teeth. It is not unusual for an escort to require clients to shower upon arrival to her incall. If she wants you to do this, do it, even if you showered that same day. It will make her feel more comfortable, and your date will be off to an excellent start! In short, remember these things: ·      Cash in an unsealed envelope (it’s just classier!) ·      Extra cash covering her rate for 2-3 hours ·      Freshly showered ·      Trimmed nails ·      Brushed and flossed teeth   What should I do during the meeting? First of all, let her take the lead. Don’t attack her with smooches all over until the both of you have established some rapport: this is just weird. Unless it is a fantasy of yours which you have agreed to act out, of course. Allow yourselves to get familiar with each other over a glass of something delicious (alcoholic or not). She will make a move on you, or you both will at the same time. Try not to worry too much and let yourself relax in the company of a beautiful woman.   What should I do after the meeting? If you want to, thank her through email or text for the time you had together. Don’t unnecessarily text her unless you want to meet again, or she is particularly responsive to communicating with you. Every escort is different: some like to keep in touch with clients via text, and others have a lot of projects going on at once. Don’t be discouraged if she takes a while to respond.   How can I prepare for a second meeting? Hooray! This is where you’ve hit the jackpot: you’ve found an escort you love spending time with, and you want to meet her again. Generally, dates tend to get better after each one as you both get to know one another. If you previously met for just a few hours, consider taking her out for dinner, or maybe even an overnight. Sometimes, I’ve hit it off so well with a client on a first date we extended that first date into an overnight. Other times, a short date resulted in us going on holiday for our second one. The decision is entirely yours: think about what you would like to do and would enjoy. Better yet, consider what the both of you would enjoy together.   I hope that the above guide will help you make an informed decision when contacting an escort. Stay safe out there!   Love,   Elsa