Elsa Riley


Screening is necessary for all new friends. I use Swiss-based protonmail, and if you do the same it will keep our correspondence entirely confidential.


Valid photo ID

A copy of your passport or driver’s license. The photo must be clearly visible, and your ID must be valid.

If we are meeting in the US, please include two IDs in your message. When meeting, please leave one of your IDs on the bathroom counter. The ID I have on file must match the one in person.


Your references must be from two reputable and independent companions who are still active. Include their name, email, website, and the approximate date that you met. Please note that references may take longer compared to other forms of screening.

Employment verification

Send me a message from your work email (an unpublished email address can be sent to you if you wish). In your initial message, please include a link to your company and LinkedIn profile. Your work email must be clearly associated with your place of employment.

Leave No Trace

Celebrities and high net-worth individuals with sincere privacy concerns may request alternate forms of screening.

Extended dates

Paris, Hong Kong, the Maldives… the world is our oyster!

Deposits. A 50% deposit must be cleared before our date. The deposit must include airfare and transportation costs. Please note that I prefer the full amount upfront via bank transfer. In the event that I have to cancel (which is extremely unlikely) your deposit will be refunded immediately.

Date duration. Due date of deposit.

12 to 24 hours. One week beforehand.

24 hours to 3 days. Two weeks beforehand.

3 days or more. Four weeks beforehand.

Airfare. First or business class is preferred so that I can stretch my long legs and arrive looking and feeling my absolute best.

Personal time. In order for our time together to be as wonderful as it possibly can, dates over 24 hours require some personal time per day (3 hours). This is so that we are both able to attend to general responsibilities (i.e. emails, workout at the gym), and spend the rest of our time completely immersed in each other’s company.


I fully understand life doesn’t always work out the way we want to. If you cancel at least 3 days before our date, you will always have the option to reschedule it within 6 months. If you need to cancel without rescheduling, please keep the following in mind.

Dates lasting 24 hours or less. 3 days before our date, 50% of my rate. 2 days before our date, 100% of my rate.

Dates lasting 24 hours to 3 days. 2 weeks, 50% of my rate. >2 weeks, 100% of my rate.

Dates lasting 3 days or more. 4 weeks, 50% of my rate. >4 weeks, 100% of my rate.

While on tour abroad. 5 days before our date, 50% of my rate. 4 days before our date, 100% of my rate.

When setting up a date, you agree to my cancellation policy. If you cancel without respecting it, you will be unable to make an appointment in the future.

Travel Schedule

My travel schedule is available for friends only, and can be found here.


Minimum within Europe: 12 hours.
Minimum within the US: 24 hours.
Minimum within Asia: 24 hours + add 15% of my rate.
Australia: 48 hours + add 30% of my rate

Airfare and transportation costs to be provided by you.

Long-term arrangements

I treasure old friends above all, and love spending time with someone whom I have truly connected with.

An arrangement means we would be seeing each other on a regular basis. Depending on your personal preferences, my assistant can create a bespoke ‘date package’ for you. These include, but are not limited to, luxury travel itineraries, restaurants, cocktail bars, shows, and museums. For example, an arrangement may include an overnight and a dinner date per month at a bespoke rate. Please note that all arrangements have a 3-month minimum commitment.


My wishlist can be found here. Never expected, always appreciated! However, please avoid sending any gift cards to my official email, as they will remain unused. Unfortunately I do not accept electronic gift cards from those who have yet to pass screening.